Wednesday, August 12, 2009

US Judge: Copying DVDs for personal use is OK, so long as it is by magic

Thank god for things like Mac the Ripper... who wants to be at the mercy of judges like this and the MPAA (or the RIAA)? Isn't it mysterious how the big lobbies can get 'justice on demand' when it affects their bottom lines? Although I must admit I'm no fan of RealNetworks.

Newsweek: South Africa won't do our bidding, so they are a 'rogue state'

You have to give it to these American think-tank types. And this New Republic magazine is supposed to be - don't hold your breath - liberal. I am tempted to look up some interesting quotes about the differences between liberals and conservatives in the American context. For the rest of the world, these differences are non-existent, except in case of certified crazies like Bush Jr.
Apart from paying lip service, much of the western world was in fact quite chummy with the apartheid regimes, including (especially?) the US administration under Reagan. And this worthy would have us believe that South Africa is - horror of horrors - supporting police states and rogue regimes - may be the SA armaments cartels are competing against American business interests?
And Newsweek also delights readers with an expose of meddling powers - the list includes the US' backing of the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Iraq and Vietnam do not find a mention. Quite right too; outright invasions merit a separate list.
- NK

Monday, August 10, 2009

Langer: Oops!

So now Justing Langer is worried about dressing room barbs he might have to endure when he returns to England to do what Aussie cricketers do best - act all matey, make a decent packet and go home chuckling to themselves as to how pathetic the English are. Damn the leak!!! Methinks, despite the temporary blushes, Langer is pretty sure he'll be quite alright. He is no pussy after all.