Monday, July 13, 2009

Unholy Alliance

Why on earth is the Indian Express carrying opinion pieces from the arch imperialist / Atlanticist mouthpiece, The Economist? I read a predictable Russia/Putin bashing piece from an Economist hack a week or so ago and then noticed the banner. Wherein the said worthy repeated ad nauseam how belligerent Russia invaded South Ossetia / Georgia. Obviously, the 'Allies' couldn't have expected Russia to just whimper and do nothing about it, could they? So obviously there is a long term plan here, and their puppet Saakashvilli just did what he was supposed to, to kick off proceedings - unless he was just a fall guy.
The real question is, why is IE bending over and carrying these propaganda pieces? As it is, the media in India (at least English language outlets) faithfully publish press releases from US / Allied forces in 'AfPak', as if they were backed by incontrovertible evidence.


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