Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goin' on a binge

With not a lot going on right now (am 'between jobs'), I decided to drown myself in some good cinema (and some passable fare too, for timepass). Dev D was on my must see list, mostly because I watched Oye Lucky... a while ago and it was an orgasmic experience considering the usual stuff Bollywood trots out. There is something about watching a taut, well directed and well-acted movie in an Indian language (Dil garden garden ho jaata hai). Of course, it has everything to do with the fact that there are so few of them.
Anyhow, Dev D didn't disappoint, although I would rate Oye Lucky... a better movie overall. What I wasn't prepared for, though, was the music of Dev D. It's been a while since I downloaded (much less listened to) a full Hindi soundtrack. Actually, I've been gorging on it, much as I would a great Dylan or NIN album (not The Slip). Fantastic work by Amit Trivedi and company. For all A R Rehman's talent and reputation, I never got into any of his albums the way I've tucked into this with relish.
Great review by Manish Vij at Ultrabrown.


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