Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Riddance?

Just for an instant, I thought, "Good riddance!" when I saw a Cricinfo report about Stephen Fleming's last test innings. There was something about Stephen Fleming that put me off a little bit :-) I'm sure it is entirely irrational and entirely undeserved, may be has something to do with some comments Fleming may have made on India's last tour (he spoke too much truth for the Indian team's comfort). But Fleming was a minor irritant at best :) My soul will never find peace as long as a certain all-rounder is still on the scene. Not sure why this said genuine all-rounder and a half-brained Pakistan fast bowler are being paid millions by a certain IPL 'franchise'. Well, could it be because the said IPL franchise is owned by a hamming Bollywood actor with delusions of grandeur who I hate as I hate few other people? At least the Pakistani fast bowler will strut around playing a desi Beckham to dazzled little girls in Kolkata and provide some general infotainment value. What of the genuine all-rounder? One good performance is all that he needs and before anyone could say Vengsarkar he would have forced his way back into the national squad. If God wants to convince me, here's his chance to serve humanity. - NK