Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wondrous little things

I often wonder if Philip K Dick didn't lose out on an immense amount of material by being an American, as opposed to being Indian. Because India is, contemporary India at any rate, grotesquely surreal if nothing else. The best thing is, one doesn't even have to rely on mind altering substances to 'bring out' the weirdness - it is right there, in your face, all the time.
Exhibit Z: Thanks to Amit Varma / India Uncut, this story about Shiney Ahuja's lawyer. You would think this lawyer would be taken to task, perhaps in a manner suggested by Mr. Varma - but I'm not sure he would be, even if I admit I have not followed the 'story' since. I also expected to see some pronouncements from Ahuja's wife in IU's WTF posts. Now, the lady might sincerely believe her husband is innocent or even that he has been framed (now that's pretty innovative!), but the evidence she presents to make her 'case' is mindnumbing - he doesn't even smoke!!! In a way, this country and society deserve (and breed) such characters, with its twisted sense of morality. No wonder the 'character' of victims of heinous crimes somehow becomes paramount.
- NK


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