Sunday, June 21, 2009

Game, Set, Match - The Sports Quiz

At the "Space Circle", in an auditorium teeming with 35 teams, the best informed sports lovers fought tooth and nail for top honours in "Game, Set, Match"; a sports quiz presented by "Adverb" and sponsored by "JP Realty", "Space Circle" and "Sugandha Garments".
In their new avatar as quizmasters were Mr. Ashok Sanyal and Mr. Somnath Chanda; otherwise team-mates in the prominent quiz outfit "Quizzing Unlimited". And they did not disappoint with their content - which covered an entire gamut of sports, incidents, achievements and trivia.
The written preliminary round was a 30 question knockout to decide the 8 teams who would qualify for the finals. The usual suspects were all there in fine fettle but there were a few rookie teams in the final as well.
The questions for the finals were designed to challenge even the stalwarts at their own game. "Which Sportsman was a weakling as a child before going on to excel in his family sport, having taken it up as a mark of respect to his brother who died in the field of play"? "What connects (in form of pictures) Zaheer Abbas, Deutsche bank, Somerset County(logo) and a West Indian calypso?"Which term in sport is technically a movement between 0.1 seconds of a certain sound having reached the human ear?"
In case you were clean bowled, the answers are Jahangir Khan, Sunil Gavaskar and "False Start". The Audience was knowledgable; grabbing some questions which the teams on stage could not answer and in the process, some nice audience prizes!
The battle hung in a fine balance right till the very end and all that seperated the top two were a mere 2 points. "Byapok Byatha" (Souvik, Soubhadra and Titash) finished on the wrong side of those 2 points, being edged out by the champions "Ump, Bump, Fizz" (Deepanjan, Debopam and Sounak). "Inmaniacs" (Gautam, Anirudh and Abhijit) finished second runners up.
The top three teams received generous cash prizes from the prize sponsors "JP Realty". "Adverb" promises to be back with more such events in the near future.


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