Sunday, June 21, 2009

Know-it-alls or Poor Losers?

Actually Both! Indian cricket fans are a bunch of know-it-alls and more importantly, poor losers.
Admitted - no group of supporters or perhaps a few react kindly to defeat. However, most sleep over it and let it pass, instead of trying to pull down individuals and strategies over a million reams, reels and forums (the new age tool). Unsuccessful cricketers turned commentators - with either a legendary surname or some Ranji success as their credentials - fuel the fire over inane panel discussions, misleading the common cricket fan. Knowing the country's passion for the game, it is only natural that people should discuss cricket at "addas"; everything from what Dhoni did wrong to the best possible combination or batting order. However one expects the media to show these obsessed but illiterate cricket fans some perspective instead of going blatantly for higher copies/TRP.
Lets face it. There have been bigger shocks this year in sport.Rafa losing at Roland Garros and Celtics crashing out in the NBA (with the uncanny resemblance of having an injured key man) being the two which come to mind immediately. India losing in the T20 world cup does not even qualify along with these upsets (however upset we may be, emotionally).
Indian cricket has seen a lot of success in recent times. So lets not get greedy. MS and team India will have an odd bad day or 120 bad overs. But as long as they are putting in the effort, they are too good not to get back to winning ways. Lets say Vamos India! instead of being poor losers.


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