Friday, August 12, 2005

MindSqueeze - 3

The Fortnightly Sports Quiz Changing the timestamp, so that this post stays on top until we post the answers. 1. A gold medallist in the 1996 & 2004 summer Olympic games and winner of 3 ESPN ESPY awards, People Magazine selected her as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1997. She was chosen by her fellow US Olympians to carry the American flag at the Athens Olympics Closing Ceremonies in 2004. Identify her. 2. Two cricketers of Greek origins have played Test Cricket so far. One of them was Xenophon Balaskas of South Africa. Who was the other? 3. The official magazine of this sport’s governing body published twice a year in French and English is called “The Target”. The sport is the national sport of Bhutan and so far it is the only sport in which they have participated in the Olympic games. Which Sport am I talking about? 4. “Heart of Lion” is the autobiography of which famous cricketer who also was nicknamed after a brand of battery because he went on and on? 5. It’s known as Chado-Guddo in Malaysia, Techib in Indonesia, Guddo in Sri Lanka and Do-Do in Nepal. The Asian Governing body of this sport was formed in 1973 under the leadership of famous Indian politician Sharad Pawar. Which sport? 6. He was considered for the lead role in the movie “The Terminator” but later on it was decided that the audience might not accept him as a villain. Nicknamed “The Juice”, he was selected by the Buffalo Bills in 1969 and in 1973 became the “Most Valuable Player” with a record-breaking run of 2003 yards. Newsweek and Time magazine had cover stories on him with titles “Trail of Blood” and “An American Tragedy” respectively for all wrong reasons, though. Identify. 7. Which country reached the UEFA European Championship (erstwhile European Nations' Cup) semifinals stage and above 4 times in a row between 1960 and 1972, winning only once in 1960? 8. Which bowler demolished the Aussies by returning identical figures of 6/52 in both the innings at Melbourne (77/78)? 9. Her father Alexander is a cycling coach and coached 5 successive Olympic champions. Her mother Galina Tsareva is six-time world champion and holder of 20 world records in cycling and her brother Nikolai is a silver medallist cyclist at the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. She has made her mark in an entirely different sport though. Identify this talented sportsperson. 10. What collective name was given to Hole numbers 11, 12 and 13 at the Augusta Masters by Sports Illustrated columnist Herbert Warren Wind in 1958? 11. Nicknamed “The Pirate” and the winner of the 1998 Tour De France, he was found dead last year on Valentine’s day in a hotel in Rimini due to drug overdose. Who? 12. Saurav Ganguly was adjudged LBW off his delivery in his debut ODI against West Indies in 1991/92. He was also the 12th man when Brian Lara scored 375. Ironically he was playing for Durham when Lara scored 501 for Warwickshire against Durham. Who am I talking about?
Answers on 19th August - Compiled by Saby


Blogger Ashwin Ramachandran said...

1) Dawn Staley
2) Derek Randall? (sorry wild guess)
3) Archery
4) Courtney Walsh
5) Ha-Ha, Kabaddi. I'll never forget it the first time I heard it during one Asian games.

6)OJ Simpson
7) I think it is the Soviet Union but not sure

8) Bhagwat Chandrashekar

9) Svetlana Kuznetsova

10) I think he called it the Amen Corner in referece to how the eventual winner played there.

11) Marco Pantani

12) I think it was Phil Simmons

9:24 PM  
Blogger Gameboys said...

This time I didn't know the answers before, so here I go ;)

1. Jenny Thompson?
2. John Traicos?
3. Archery
4. Courtney Walsh - Duracell
5. Kabbaddi
6. O J Simpson
7. Czecholovakia?
8. B S Chandrasekhar
9. Yelena Isinbayeva?
11. Marco Pantani
12. Anderson Cummins - I remember the dismissal quite vividly to this day (I thought how did they pick this idiot?). Also, Cummins' exclusion from the eleven caused the local population to boycott the game.

- NK

1:22 AM  
Anonymous debanjan said...

2)John Traicos
4)Courtney Walsh (duracell :D)
6)O.J. Simpson (go Bills go !!!)
12)Anderson Cummins ( me and B-da missed the question in a quiz...the Q.M. was Harsha B. )

12:01 PM  
Blogger Gameboys said...

Hey there Bills fan! Any play-off scenarios for the Bills this season? Is Drew Bledsoe still there? What about the young RB (McGahee?)?

9:48 AM  

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