Thursday, August 04, 2005


Now Matthew Hoggard is attempting some ludicrous sweep shots. Well, Hoggard is one of the 'rabbits' in the side, so I guess that isn't too unexpected. But what would have come as a shock for Duncan Fletcher is the way some of the batsmen have thrown away their wickets. Sure, there has been plenty of positive stroke-play, but England have thrown away the advantage they had built up. Nevertheless, it was quite some entertainment, especially with the two big men Flintoff and Pietersen at the crease. Flintoff was edgy to start with, particularly against Warne, and was decidedly lucky in getting away with unconvincing horizontal bat shots against Lee. KP was solid as ever and continues to impress with his composure and understanding of the situation he finds himself in. His manner of dismissal may not have been wholly unexpected, but the timing of his 'charge' was questionable. On a 500-type track, England may end up getting bowled out for less than 400, and that is not smart cricket. The scoring rate has been quite astonishing and Brett Lee has copped some punishment! Oh, by the way, Lee has been hit for perhaps his fifth six of the innings...followed by four more - from Harmison! It's been that kind of day. - NK


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