Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wretched start, and conspiracy theories abound

New season, new captain and new coach - same result, though. Nothing seems to have changed for India from the start of the last season. For the second time in less than a week, India let slip a position of advantage, partly because Sri Lanka took full toll of the fifth bowler who doesn't exist, but also because they continue to bat well below par. Sourav Ganguly's return should bolster a seemingly rudderless batting, even if he seems to have struggled mightily in his first return game, costing the innings a bit of momentum in the process. The media back home, though, are more interested in some imaginary personality disputes between Ganguly and new incumbent and former confidante Dravid. That's nothing new to Indian cricket - some people just love to see bitter disputes within the team, even when they are non-existent, for some perverse reason unknown to the public at large! Having been integral parts of the side and been in the limelight, I'm sure those two gentlemen are familiar with this phenomenon, and are likely to handle the situation with maturity. For the moment though, there is the business of winning matches, which is somehow proving elusive even when the opponent is literally hobbling. - NK


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