Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rollicking Stuff

It has been good fun, this first day of the second test. Even as I write this, Mark Nicholas chimes in with typically deliberate emphasis - Compulsive Viewing. Ashley Giles has at last got his death wish fulfilled, playing predetermined sweeps off full deliveries from Warne. Giles is not a frontline batsman by any means and actually played a few attractive strokes, but his handling of Warne was hilarious. There was nothing funny about the battering the Aussies bowlers took this morning courtsey Trescothick in particular. Banger was fortunate to have been caught off a no-ball, but made the most of that reprieve. Hearteningly, England attacked Warne and reaped rewards, and were no doubt inspired/relieved by the comforting thought of not having to confront the human metronome. At times, the Aussie bowling did look quite average, and only some magic conjured up by Warne provided spark. - NK


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