Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Masters of The Game

Will he, won't he? Heck, so what if he does, and what if he doesn't? Surely, heavens are not going to fall, any which way. In the end Ganguly made the team. Bengal was saved; and by the longest stretch of imagination possible, so was the nation. Thank heavens for that! Now we can all play cricket. The Kaifs of the world be damned. But will Ganguly make the final eleven? Not to worry. If he doesn't, we'll burn a few m(M)ore effigies, sign petitions, lobby politicians asking them to lobby other politicians who, by sheer coincidence it must be said, happen to be running the cricket board of the country. Which, again entirely coincidentally, happens to be the richest cricket board anywhere. Not that politicians are remotely interested in controlling the money. And of course, they are not remotely interested in controlling the game either. They are in cricket because their hearts beat for the game, for the teeming masses that worship the game and those that play it. In any case, who can tell the difference between politicians who have turned cricket administrators or administrators (yeah, you guessed it, by a quirk of fate) are fine politicians in their own right? What we do know is that they are distinguished citizens who believe in letting things take their own course, per the letter and/or spirit of the law. But then, not everything can be left to take the the natural, just course. Extraordinary situations, which by the way are as frequent as Inzamam run outs, demand extraordinary steps. That's when it's time for the honourable men to step in, and make everyone see light. It helps, though, to have people of strong moral fibre, like a certain former wicket-keeper, carrying out the thankless acts. A fine gentleman, that, although his thick hide belies it. Didn't we reach a consensus after all? Politicians, did I say? - NK


Blogger unsui said...

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1:22 AM  
Blogger unsui said...

"Few m(M)ore effigies" =D>
Happy new year mate !!!

1:25 AM  
Blogger Gameboys said...

Thanks Unsui, and wish you a Happy New Year as well.

1:50 PM  

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