Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shamateurism at its worst

My first reaction to the news of the arrest of the East Bengal coach Subhash Bhowmick was one of befuddlement - it took a while to sink in. I wasn't listening to the news too keenly, so I thought it was bribe offered by a player desperate to make the side. And that led to some (wishful, as I was to discover later) lateral thinking - if players could afford bribes to the tune of Rs.150,000, they're probably not all that worse off; at the very least, they expect to make much more out of being in the first team. How wrong was I! It turns out that (allegedly I might add) Mr.Bhowmick, in an all-too-familiar act, was in fact just trying to extort a businessman of neat change - in his capacity as an officer of the venerable Central Excise. That leaves me even more dumbfounded - that the coach of the leading side in the nation actually doubles up as a Central Excise superintendent! No wonder our football is in the situation that it is. - NK


Blogger unsui said...

Maladies of Indian Sport will not end ..till Full time politicians are at helm and their part-time yessirs are busy collecting freebies for their kiths and kins

If Lightening strikes at one place and that place has assembly of KPS Gill,PR Dasmunshi Standards of Hockey and Foootball will improve instantly ;)

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