Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Can Colts emulate '72 Dolphins?

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts finally exorcised the ghost of New England this season, and it seems it was no coincidence. Even considering New England lost the services of some stellar performers this season, it was the one challenge that the Colts would have wanted to overcome, such has been the Patriots' domination of their AFC rivals. Last season's playoff loss seemed to be the worst of all those defeats, especially given Manning's record breaking season and the league's most feared offense. Twelve games into the season and quite a few records added to their kitty, the one question every Colts fan would have is - can they go unbeaten? It's only been done once, if I remember correctly, and it is easy to see why, especially in the salary cap era when no one team could buy out all the stars they wanted. NFL is just such a tough league, the physical demands taking toll of a few teams every season. Just ask the Eagles - even without Owens, they would have been a decent team. But once McNabb was gone, their season has ground to a halt. The Colts' biggest challenge will come, not surprisingly, away from home at Jacksonville and Seattle, but mainly because those two are good teams. Seattle is red-hot right now. It will be interesting nevertheless. Is it finally the Colts' season? - NK


Blogger NFL Adam said...

If the Colts clinch home-field this week, I do not see how they keep up the intensity against San Diego.

9:50 AM  

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