Friday, December 16, 2005

What a farce!

In the end, Kiran More and the selection committee didn't fool anyone. Their actions in the past few weeks have been as bizzarre as any in the annals of Indian cricket, even by our often-inglorious standards. First, Sourav Ganguly wasn't good enough to be in the one-day team. Fair enough, his personal form wasn't exactly great and the team had slipped badly in the past year. Then, miraculously, he was okay to make the cut for the tests. Well, that decision had a bad odour about it, but in any case, if Ganguly could regain his form, it couldn't be bad at all for team. Now, once again, Ganguly finds himself sidelined, for no apparent reason other than selectorial whims/cricket politics. More grist to the rumour mill. Great! So what's the explanation from the venerable Mr.More this time? Youth and long term planning, of course. Whoa! What was he smoking? And what did he think the rest of the country was smoking? The selection committee's conduct over this whole affair has been as bad as that of the Kolkata crowd during the SA one-dayer. No excuses for either. - NK


Blogger RPM said...

Its simply pathetic. Why did they have to take him for the first two tests and drop him because they do not anticipate using him in the middle order???

Its about time the selectors are held responsible for their deeds. But I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

3:52 PM  

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