Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cricket is cool!

I hardly noticed it - in fact, if it wasn't for channel surfing, I wouldn't even have known that the new Premier League season has kicked off. Cricket is very much the centre of attention here Down Under, especially given the intensity of challenge the Aussies have encountered. I'm not sure if that is the case in England, but cricket has suddenly found itself amongst the headlines for the right reasons (not just in connection with protests against some allegedly despotic regimes) and that can only be good. All of the games this summer barring ones featuring Bangladesh have been sold out and that in itself may have been precedent-setting. Cricket is still the poor cousin in England, and no one harbours any illusions in that regard, but in the context it was heartening quite a few Man United stars, including the biggest of 'em all, Sir Alex Ferguson himself, enjoying their spare time across the road. - NK PS: Crespo really saved the Blues some serious blues at Wigan.


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