Sunday, January 23, 2005

Australian Open Diary – A World of Difference

What a difference a day – or two – makes. Last Saturday, I watched the Falcons rout the Rams and the Jets squander opportunities their biggest game in a few years. And then we had Indy and New England going against each other in the most anticipated match up of the season…so on and so forth. Three flights (totaling about 23 hours) later, here I was in Melbourne on Tuesday, Jan 18, where the Australian Open was just a day old. The first thing I did on checking into my room was take about a thousand pictures of the MCG and the Rod Laver Arena, the MCG being right opposite the hotel and Rod Laver Arena adjacent to it. This was a dream come true. I have always wanted to watch Grand Slam tennis, but somehow come US Open time, my plans never quite worked out. This time, official business forced me to travel Down Under, not that I have any complaints.


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