Monday, December 27, 2004

Magnificent Manning

NFL action this past weekend was devoid of any great excitement - particularly as my team, the Vikings, blew their chance of winning the NFC North and Michael Vick's Falcons looked a pale shadow with Vick himself sitting out. However, the one thing that has seemed inevitable over the last few weeks finally happened - Dan Marino's 48 is now only second on the all-time list for a single season touchdown pass record. Since about midway through the season, Peyton Manning has been on pace to beat the record. But it is one thing to be hot for a while and quite another to sustain that kind of form all season. Daunte Culpepper was on pace for 56 in the early stages of the season (not that he's done too badly for himself). In the process, Manning and the Colts also rallied to overcome a strong challenge from the rejuvenated Chargers who at one point threatened to ruin Manning's party. The Colts' explosive offense made up for their well publicized defensive problems and as the season has gone on, the defense has got better. Winning does make a lot of difference. The Colts certainly have all the offensive weapons to go all the way, but they'll have to get through at least one of the two strongest teams, the Steelers and the Patriots. - NK


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