Monday, December 27, 2004

A New Low

It seems small-minded to be talking about a game of cricket when an entire sub-continent is mourning a tragedy of epic proportions, and I guess the tragedy has helped divert the focus to the infinitely more important things in life. However, looking back at the loss at the hands of Bangladesh in the second ODI, one cannot help but wonder, just what is wrong with the Indian team right now? Sourav Ganguly admitted they had reached a new low in an already dismal season, but I suspect that will not really assuage the fans at home. It is in fact a new low in India's international history. The fact that India chose to 'rest' several players for the game adds fuel to the fire and actually may have helped spur Bangladesh into playing their best cricket. Ganguly needs to tread carefully here and has to motivate the team into performing on a regular basis failing which, the knives will be out - not for the first time. - NK


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