Sunday, December 26, 2004

Vikings continue to disappoint

The Minnesota Vikings had a golden opportunity to put their season back on track by beating the Green Bay Packers and winning the NFC North. A play-off spot is still on the cards, as wide open as the NFC is. But this was a game the Vikings were supposed to win. The Metrodome was supposed to be Brett Favre's bogey, coming in on a 3-9 record. Instead, Green Bay wins the North for the third successive year, and the Vikings are left playing for scraps. In Daunte Culpepper, the Vikings have the second best quaterback in the game right now. For those who keep saying he hasn't won the big games, well...he didn't lose them. The guy has thrown seven TD passes without an INT in the two Packers games this season and the result - Packers won both by a field goal. Minnesota has the best offense in the league, overall. They have one of the two best wide receivers in the game (despite Moss's injury problems this season), they have a deep rotation of running backs as well as wide receivers. Nate Burleson and Marcus Robinson have done a great job, as has tight end Jermaine Wiggins catching the ball. Burleson is also a versatile player who can make plays coming off special teams. Yet, the Vikings cannot realistically hope to achieve great things with their defense. As good as they are (and as good as Favre is), Jeovan Walker and Donald Driver always found space to make catches and gained big yards in the process. Ahman Green didn't have a big running night, but it didn't matter. The offense did all they could in the those two losses and also in the loss to the Colts, which was also lost by single field goal. The defense has to step up now, against Portis and company. Or else...deja vu (all over again!).
- NK


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