Friday, October 29, 2004

"Toe Crushers" - The Weekly Sports Quiz - Answers for Quiz 1

1. Which tennis player is nicknamed "Pim Pim"? Joachim Johansson 2. Which former Danish Davis Cupper's son is a part of a legendary Heavy Metal band?* Lars Ulrich - son of Torben Ulrich 3. In his book "Shaq Talks Back" whom does Shaquille O' Neal refer to as "Black Jesus"? Michael Jordan 4. Mast Wilander won 3 grand slams in 1988 (Roger Federer repeated that this year). But he lost in the Australian Open the subsequent year in the early rounds. Who was the person to beat him? Ramesh Krishnan 5. Which Tennis Player (male/female) has the highest winning percentage in the open era?* Chris Evert 6. Anna Kournikova made a guest appearance in which outrageous comedy by the Farrelly brothers? Me, Myself and Irene 7. Which NBA player was suspended for the rest of the 1997 season after he choked his coach PJ Carlesimo during practice while playing for the "Golden State Warriors"? (Later he deemed the punishment too harsh. "I wasn't choking P.J. that hard, I mean, he could breathe.")? Latrell Sprewell 8. Which recent Kurt Russel movie was inspired by USA's win over highly fancied USSR at the 1980 winter olympics at Lake Placid? Miracle 9. Connect actress Jennifer Connelly to Wimbledon! Paul Bettany 10. There have been only two instances of an NBA player drafted out of high school going on to become MVP of the regular season. Moses Malone is one. Who is the other? Kevin Garnett


Blogger Debs said...

2) Lars Ulrich (drummer of Metallica ) ? ( but he is danish actually...)
3)Micheal Jordon
5) Martina Navratilova
6)Me,Myself and Irene

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Saby(Forgot my user id, Kishore can u help me?):

Hebby tough quiz: My answers:
1. No Idea
2. No Idea
3. Mohammad Ali (Michael Jordan. 2nd guess)
4. Boris Becker?
5. Male - Jimmy Connors, Female - Steffi Graf?
6. Me, Myself and Irene.
9. Jennifer Connelly is Paul Bettany's wife. Paul plays the central role in Wimbledon movie.

1:25 AM  
Blogger amit_ava said...

1. Joachim Johansson

2. Lars Ulrich son of Torben Ulrich

3. Michael Jordan

4. Ramesh Krishnan

5. Female - Chris Evert
Male - Jimmy Connors

6. Me, Myself and Irene

7. Latrell Sprewell

8. Miracle

9. Jennifer Connelly is Paul Bettany's wife. Paul stars in the "Wimbledon" movie.

10. Kevin Garnett

11:54 PM  

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