Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another ALCS, another game 7

The Red Sox did what no other team had ever done in postseason history - come back from 0-3 down to force a game 7. It was the pitching that did the job, led by the league's winningest pitcher of the season. Coming into the LCS, it was the pitching staff that was supposed to give the Red Sox a slight edge over the Yankees. Three games into the series, it was a nightmare. Then, two successive nights, the Boston bullpen somehow pulled through, doing a spectacular job especially in game 5. Tonight, they did it again - but this time they had seven solid innings from Curt Schilling to thank, who seemed to be completely oblivious of his injury even as he was sporting specially designed shoes, such was his control. If Schilling solidified his reputation, Mark Bellhorn was an unlikely hero for Boston, on a night when the Big Papi was hitless. The crowd at the Yankee stadium was less than dignified for such a storied franchise, but given the magnitude of the rivalry and the game, it was understandable. It was great to see the umpires get together twice and make the right calls on both occasions, in the process overruling the initial calls. Something that cricket could take a cue from - what should be so sacrosanct about taking a ruling back? After all, getting it right is the most important thing. Anyways, it's on to game 7 - and may the best team win (on a personal note, may Boston be the better team). - NK


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