Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Samplers for "Love All"

1. Whom did Boris Becker defeat to enter the finals of Wimbledon 1985 (He went on to beat Kevin Curren in the finals)? 2. Which bowler did Sandeep Patil get hit by, following which he came back to score 174 against Australia, eventually his highest test score? 3. Which NBA player (hall of famer) was nicknamed "The Glove" because of his ability to guard opponents as tightly as a glove fits on a hand? (Hint: Seattle Supersonics) 4. To whom did Prakash Padukone lose in the All England (the following year) after his victory in 1980? 5. Which player was the first professional Indian to win the Indian Open Golf tournament?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Anders Jarryd
2. Len Pascoe
3. Gary Payton
4. Liem Swie King?
5. Ali Sher?

- NK

7:59 AM  

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