Friday, November 18, 2005

MindSqueeze - 6 : Answers

The Fortnightly Sports Quiz 1. Dick Motz was the first ever bowler in the history of Test Cricket to be suspended for running onto the wicket during his follow-through in 1968 against India. Which Indian cricketer was also suspended for the same reason in 2001 against Zimbabwe to become only the second ever to hold that dubious distinction? Ans: Ashish Nehra 2. Whom did Barcelona’s English manager Terry Venables (rather infamously for Barca fans) trade to accommodate his compatriot Gary Lineker in the side? Ans: Diego Maradona 3. This contemporary Basketball player once planned to release a RAP album “40 bars” under the name Jewelz. However the explicit lyrics created huge controversy and he had to re-title the album as “Misunderstood”. Eventually, though, he scrapped the album. He was the MVP in 2001. Identify. And: Alan Iverson 4. He was born in Bhopal (India) in 1850. He was the British Ambassador to Spain and USA. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is named after him. Some of his famous books are “An Autumn Tour in Western Persia” and “Nadir Shah”. What did he start at Shimla (India) in 1888 (obviously something to do with sports) which is also named after him? Ans: Durand Cup 5. His father was a classmate of Ian Fleming and one of the most significant fictional characters in the James Bond stories is named after him. “An evening with Blowers” is a book based on him. Identify this colourful character in the world of cricket. Ans: Henry Blofeld 6. In the Tokyo Olympics, 1964 a student named Yoshinori Sakai was invited to light the Olympic flames. Why? Ans: A common man born on the day of Hiroshima bombing 7. Which contemporary Golfer is nicknamed “El Nino”? Ans: Sergio Garcia 8. He is the only athlete apart from Michael Phelps in the Olympic history to win eight medals in one Olympic Games. Out of which six came during the same day on 25th July. Who? Ans: Aleksandr Dityatin 9. Recently, there was a bit of a speculation as to who would succeed Alex Ferguson as the Man United manager considering their relatively poor run. Who did Alex Ferguson himself succeed? Ans: Ron Atkinson 10. Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker are often credited with having participated in the first incident of this kind in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in 1977, after Baker scored a run, with Burke receiving credit for "inventing" this particular convention (in the context of sports). What convention? Ans: High Fives 11. A new concept called Powerplay was introduced recently in one-day cricket by the ICC, to offer fielding sides the choice of picking five-over blocks with restrictions. The term, however, is derived from another sport, where it has a completely different context. Which sport? Ans: Ice Hockey 12. This tennis player, somewhat notorious for his volatile temperament, was once infuriated when the umpire Bruno Rebeuh called his serve out in a Wimbledon game and promptly packed his bags and left the court. His wife added to the whole episode by slapping poor Rebeuh. Which player are we talking about? Ans: Jeff Tarango MindSqueeze-7 will be published on 25th November. - Compiled by Saby


Blogger Confusedoldbong said...

This is an excellant qz.. both enjoyable & trivial

10:50 PM  
Blogger Gameboys said...

COB, thanks for your comments!
- NK

5:51 AM  
Blogger unsui said...

For someone who boasts knowing tonnes of trivia fact. This was a major ego deflating quiz, I scored paltry 5 on this one (AI,Blofield,Maradona,Durand Cup, Tarango - because of wifey twist), all the same did lots of research (Google Rocks) to find remaining 7

Thanks for the quiz

1:09 AM  

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