Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A New Season

India failed to achieve the unthinkable, a series sweep of the Lankans, but that was probably only the second item on my wish list for the season. I would really like to see the focus back on cricket, and not on politicking, which our media (and to a large extent, even the public at large) seems to love to read/hear about. Starry-eyed kids don't take to a sport because of the various turf wars being fought between shady characters - in India, they do so despite the ugliness, which has in recent times spilled into living rooms thanks to an over vigilant and often times crass media. All of which means only one thing - that the game is the most important thing, however cliched that might sound. The way the team is doing in this series, I may well have my wish granted. That won't stop the media however, so given to hyperbole, from eulogising Greg Chappell and start painting a picture of a messiah. He may well turn out to be that in the long run, but in the meantime, we would do well not to lose our minds. A hat tip to the new India is in order though (I'm sick of the artifical Team India phrase). - NK


Blogger Abby said...

Let's wait and watch till Dravid's brigade goes overseas and delivers.Dravid and Sachin apart ,this team does not got many players(I would love to be proved wrong) who can tackle quality swing on a not so batsman friendly tracks!

1:56 PM  

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