Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Super Series Comin' Up

To be honest, I think the ICC Super Series has been a bit of an elaborately played out tamasha so far. It's hardly a novel concept, but then, cricket fans have always hankered for these games between (imaginary) dream teams, haven't they? Now that the ICC has taken the lead to 'officialize' these games, it doesn't seem to have gone down too well. Of course, the more interesting dream matches are the what-if scenarios involving the Bradmans, Sobers and the Kapil Devs, which cannot materalize. May be there is a certain fantasy value there. In any case, I am in Melbourne, so it made perfect sense for me to get the tickets for next week's game at the Telstra dome, especially as I didn't have to book them myself ;) Games aren't really played at the MCG this time of the year I guess, particularly not the week after an AFL Grand Final and certainly not one involving Barry Hall, who mugged the pitch and got away with it, just a week after he'd mugged Saints' Matt Maguire. The AFL Tribunal thought he was making love to the pitch, an explanation that couldn't have been used for the Maguire incident. Well, at least Hall has the winners' medal to show at the end of it all. No such luck for some of Australia's wounded Ashes warriors. Methinks that should make it a fun, if not super series. - NK


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Anonymous Prasad said...

As you said, somehow I liked the little fantacy nature of the series. without the realization of this series we could have been just talking what if all the best players play together with Austrailia? I guess we got the answer. Of course there is some skewness as the games are played in australia and world XI players are playing with stragers with strange roles etc.,
So, did you enjoy Gilchrist's knock? I was closely watching the game from

2:19 PM  
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