Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ganguly's Rehab On Track

Sourav Ganguly's sound bites before he embarked on his stint at Glamorgan were rather predictable and somewhat mellowed, one might say. He was very optimistic about putting in good performances and getting back into form, and pointed to his superb record in English conditions. It's too early to say if the county stint has done the trick for him and if the selectors still have an open mind about his place in the overall scheme of things. At least Ganguly showed he has the motivation to get back into top flight. Firstly, by signing up for the Welsh county (which meant some non-stop cricket instead of time with family and friends); and then with a commanding performance against Kent, albeit in a losing cause. Performances in the county championships as we know all too well, do not automatically make it into the next grade. But runs always help. Let's at least hope so. - NK


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