Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How about hustlin' up, ya hoser?

As if to reaffirm his MVP status and silence any skeptics still around, Steve Nash put in perhaps the best performance in a playoff series since a man named Jordan hung up his boots (the second time) to carry the Phoenix Suns into the Western conference finals. Apparently, there were a lot of people who felt the perennial candidate, Shaq O'Neal, should have got the honours. In the end, I think the jury got it about right, with O'Neal finishing second. With his seemingly unkempt mop of hair (definitely 'un-styled'), Nash does look an odd out on. But what lacks in style off the court, he more than makes up for on it. His point guard play has ignited the Suns' offense this season, which scored more points than any team in the last ten years! Against Dallas, he took over on the scoring front as well, including a monster scoring night when he poured in 48 points, shooting 20-29! It was ironic that the Suns completed the job at the American Airlines arena, where Nash grew up in basketball terms. By all accounts though, Nash didn't go overboard celebrating it. Just the kind of character needed in a league that has its share of the enfant terrible. - NK


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