Saturday, October 09, 2004

The princess and the showgirl

For one day, a doting mom returned to what she did - and did best - not many years back. Also back was her erstwhile rival - a Latin American glamour girl who, perhaps, broke more hearts than serves. The only aberration in this eighties revisit was the ocassion. There was no Grand Slam for the taking. This was a benefit match in Berlin for an organization named "Children for tomorrow". Once on court, however, "Fraulein forehand" turned it on - this once, for old times sake! Using her familiar - and much feared - weapon to devastating effect, she overwhelmed the "pearl of the pampas" 6-1, 7-5. As they confided later, both prepared well for the match, the former even training with her husband's coach Daren Cahill! The Fraulein was very much the center of attention. The court on which she beat Navratilova in The German open final in 1986 and won 8 more titles, was named after her. And like old times, the Argentine played the perfect foil! - BB


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