Thursday, June 29, 2006

The morons at Cricinfo

One of the websites that I frequent is Cricinfo, and that's not just for the live scores. Cricinfo, after the merger with Wisden, also has the best content of any cricket website that I can think of. The look and feel of the site is excellent, the content is generally edited very well and most of the articles are of a high standard. Which is why I was shocked to see an irresponsible comment such as this in the "Quote ... unquote", ostensibly in response to Malcolm Speed's thoughts on promoting the game in China. Speed: "China is the world's most populous country and the ICC would like to support cricket in China as much as possible." Cricinfo: "Malcolm Speed eyes up a lucrative and massive new market. Careful what you wish for, Malcolm. Look at the political mess Zimbabwe has landed the ICC in, and even their human rights record is not nearly as dubious as China's". What the fuck? Come again? So Cricinfo is now a moral authority pontificatin on human rights matters? Well, in case Cricinfo staff have shut themselves out of the world for the last few years, they should know China IS hosting the Olympics in 2008. Surely, they will be in the forefront of any protests against hosting the games in China? Well, I definitely didn't see anything of that sort. Frankly, the English media have taken the Zimbabwe issue too far, and Wisden has been espeically guilty in the context. As quite a few commentators have pointed out, Britain is happily trading with that country and has not broken diplomatic relations, or even registered the strongest protest. For the English cricket media to pick up this issue and thrust it on the entire cricketing world is just hypocritical. - NK


Blogger Manish Kumar Pandey said...

Well good one there world cup cricket for more cricketing action!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Nanga KissWhore said...

Oh great Nanga, so desperate to be a Cricinfo contributor.

8:12 PM  

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