Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another opportunity lost

Brian Lara had to choose this Test, of all those he's played against India, to get a hundred (I reckon this was only his second against India). And rain had to play spoil sport too. It was as if it was all a cruel cosmic joke, such were the turn of events after the third day at St Lucia. But in the end, it was the inability to get the West Indian side out in an entire day, for the second time running, that keeps this series alive. That's not good news for India. What now? Well, ten more agonising days of Test cricket to find out if India can finally win in the West Indies after 35 years. It would help to 'rest' VRV Singh, who has been a passenger basically, especially if it's another slow wicket (are there any lively wickets left in the Caribbean?). When you're pressing for a win against time, you cannot afford to have one bowler who is just a filler. Reminds me of the pathetic Dodda Ganesh at Johannesburg about seven years ago. On that occasion, it was rain, Daryll Cullinan, Lance Klusener and a decision to award light early to the batsmen. Deja vu. - NK


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