Thursday, September 08, 2005

Business as usual for Patriots

It's a new season in the National Football League, but some things haven't changed - well, not much really. The New England Patriots have started things on the same note they ended last season, by taking care of business against the Oakland Raiders. Not that anyone expected the Raiders to upset the champions in their own den, but as they say, you still need to win all those games you are supposed to win. This was a game between a slightly weakened (really?) Patriots line up against a much improved Raiders - at least on paper. Patriots lost Tedy Bruschi and Ty Law in the off-season, the former to illness (he suffered a stroke and decide to rest the season) and the latter to natural causes...I mean, free agency. Oakland of course acquired NFL's enfant terrible, my man Randy Moss, from my team the Minnesota Vikings and free agent Lamont Jordan who was the number two running back for the Jets last season. Moss is a difficult character, but there is no questioning his ability - he made a 73-yard TD reception in this game. The Patriots are the most complete side in the league, and even Randy Moss' mercurial presence can do little to upset their applecart. It surprised me therefore that Yahoo's Charles Robinson put the Colts ahead of them in his preseason rankings. It will be interesting to see how the Colts shape up this time. - NK


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