Thursday, July 21, 2005

And the games begin...

I don't think I've waited for a sporting event quite the same way as this Ashes series since the India-Pakistan series in early 2004. Definitely not a cricket series, for sure. It is finally underway. Should Thorpe have been picked? Ahead of Pietersen, may be not. May be ahead of Bell - I've nothing against the guy, it's just that Thorpe is such a competitor and perhaps still the most accomplished batsman in England. Michael Vaughan's pithy comment about picking Pietersen ahead of Thorpe in the toss-interview was telling - he mentioned the 'attitude' that the former brings to the side. There have been a few references to that word in regard to Thorpe, may be not entirely unjustifiably either. A little harsh perhaps considering the travails in his personal life, but then that's how the world of pro sport is in this day.'s now time to just sit back, sip some nice Point Noir from New Zealand - and enjoy. Harmison's lettin' it rip. - NK


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