Friday, July 15, 2005

MindSqueeze - 1

The Fortnightly Sports Quiz 1. Which Australian cricketer of aboriginal heritage (Kamilaroi tribe) destroyed England with his career best performance of 7/37 at Headingley in 1997? 2. Which famous movie features a game of Chess that is identical to the USSR Championship match played between Boris Spassky and David Bronstein in Leningrad 1960? 3. Which Golfer from Galesburg, Illinois and winner of a Major, once played a tournament in Calcutta, where he started each day by taking a bowl of fruit to a beggar with her crippled child outside the hotel door? 4. Out of the 19 Formula-1 Grand Prix Circuits, only 3 have anti-clockwise laps. Two of them are San Marino and Interlagos, which one is the third? 5. When Shane Warne played his 100th Test in Cape Town in 2002, what first did he achieve? 6. His father Hemant Shamsunder made Test debut in 1974 against West Indies at Bangalore. He himself played 34 ODIs and 2 Tests for India and better remembered for his match winning runs in India's memorable 315 run chase in 1998 against Pakistan. Who? 7. Steve Waugh's Test debut was also the last Test match of which cricketer who passed away last year under unfortunate circumstances? 8. In what way was the League match between Arsenal and Sheffield United in January 1927 special? 9. Yellow Jasmine, Juniper, and Camellia – What are these as far as the Golf Majors are concerned? 10. Along with which other player did Saurav Ganguly share the Man of the Series award in 1996 Ind-Eng series? 11. It created huge controversy in Pakistan when the country's top Tennis player Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi did something in the 2002 Wimbledon Men's Doubles. The country's Tennis federation asked him to explain as to why he did that. What incident is being referred to here? 12. As far as the French open is concerned, what dubious distinction would you associate with Simone Mathieu? - Compiled by Saby


Anonymous akr said...

this ia good feature, if you plan to maintain it...
so there's gillespie (i think), hookes and hrishikesh kanitkar figuring on that list....when do we see the answers?

7:23 PM  
Blogger Gameboys said...

Thanks AKR! Our earlier efforts in this direction weren't very good, but since Saby is doing this, I can say with some confidence that this will be a regular feature. Btw, all of us are (or were) regulars on the quizzing scene in Calcutta.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

The movie is 'Dr Strangelove', I believe.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous karthik said...

I believe the U.S GP at Indianapolis also has anti-clockwise laps.

11:53 AM  

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