Sunday, April 17, 2005

Going on about Wisden...

Thanks to fellow-blogger AKR - the piece on he referred to is cheap and absolutely disgusting. This just goes to show what goes on in the name of 'writing'. These guys have no idea. Wisden-Cricinfo is simply the best cricket site out there, even if you don't agree with some of the stuff that's written about. The merger of Wisden and Cricinfo was clearly a win-win for the site and the fans - Cricinfo hardly had any content on its own. But the Guardian piece that another reader pointed me to was an indication of the attitudes still prevailing in some English quarters. The suggestion that Wisden awards are cricket's equivalent of the Oscars is ludicrous. It is people like these that get one's goat - there are morons everywhere, that's not the privilege of any particular group! - NK PS: Thanks to Scott Wickstein for pointing out that NBA is indeed available on ESPN Down Under. I fired the 'salvo' and realized my folly pretty soon, as I remembered promos about the games. I guess I just have to find a hotel that has ESPN!


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