Sunday, March 20, 2005

Running on Empty

For the first time ever in his amazing career, Andre Agassi could not start a game because of injury. It is a testimony to his work ethic and his work with Gil Reyes. Conversely, it is perhaps an evidence of the ravages of time. When I watched him take on and tear apart Taylor Dent at the Rod Laver Arena in mid-January, Agassi was as fit as ever. I found the press reports of his trimmed body, which suggested he had shed weight, to be quite accurate. He looked to be in near-perfect shape. Perhaps it was just one of those things that happen from time to time in a career, which made Agassi pull out from the Pacific Life open at Indian Wells this past week. Perhaps not. It would unwise to speculate regarding his fitness without more knowledge. It would be inifinitely unwiser to write him off. But could be this be the swansong? There are indications which suggest so. - NK


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