Monday, January 31, 2005

Quiz - 3

1. He is the only golfer to win the grand slam (in 1930). His autobiography, is titled "Golf is My Game". Who is the legendary golfer? 2. "Golf Digest", the American magazine uses a product called "Hulcher" for what purpouses? 3. In the early eighties, who were referred to as "Bear Apparents"? 4. Give the golfing terms for: a.) A condition that involves a tremor, freezing or involuntary jerking of the hands when attempting golf shots, particularly short putts. b.)A severe mishit in which the golf ball is struck by the hosel of the club. 5. This PGA statistical category refers to a birdie being scored right after a bogey. What is the Stats category known as? 6. Who, as a junior won all 33 of the tournaments he entered in a year? 7. Whose various nicknames (other than the most famous one) were Blob-O, Whaleman and Fatboy? 8. Which Golfer, perhaps because of his mixed descent, referred to himself as "Calbanasian"? 9. Connect the following: Two and One, Five and Three, Ten and Eight, Dormie. 10. Which are the two most common grips in golf? 11. When Lee Eldren qualified to get an invitation to the Augusta Masters, what first did he achieve? 12. Which legendary boxer played at the 1952 Phoenix open tournament organized by the PGA?


Blogger oddan said...

I guess this is a very poor attempt, but here it goes

1. Bobby Jones
3. The next Jack Nicklaus
4. a.) Yips
5. bounce back
6. Tiger Woods
7. John Daly
8. Daniel Chopra
9. grip and 10 finger grip
12. Joe Louis

9:09 PM  
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