Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Chronicles of Roddick

Its the same story again. Minus the Hype. Federer vs. Roddick. US Open Quarter Finals, 2007. Patrick McEnroe commented that this time "Andy has a shot!". I can excuse him for trying to pep up his Davis Cup spearhead.However he has to be really naive to start thinking "upset" or anything remotely close to that. All my reasons for predicting a Roger Federer win remain the same (as I wrote in my last post on the same subject). But yes here are a few tips for Roddick which he can only draw strength from.Roger is definitely not focussed like he was, a year back. He is definitely low on motivation (probably because of the lack of competition?). And he does not emanate the same hunger anymore. I am sure even Andy has noticed these. Question is, are these psychological aspects enough to close the gap between the two? My prediction is Federer in 3 sets. -BBS


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